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Weight Loss Apps to Lose Weight

fast weight lossWe are living in a world of technologies, and smartphones have become our best companions in this era. People spend more than 50% of their routine time scrolling the screens of their handsets. And the great news is that it solves most of their routine tasks instantly. The most surprising thing to know at this point is that your smartphone can also help you stay in shape and for losing weight. Yeah! Software developers have designed many creative and interactive mobile apps that promote weight loss. They can track your routine workout activities and provide updates about your progress.

If you are also making efforts to get into shape, we advise you to download the most trustworthy weight loss app on your smartphone. However, if you are confused among unlimited options available on the app store, it is good to check the list below:

Noom Weight Loss App:

This app work perfectly on iOS and Android platform, and it can help you set up new weight loss goals while tracking your routine performance as well. There are three main functions: set a specific weight loss goal and look after your progress; track your diet and maintain a calorie count; keep perfect log of your workout session so that you can make healthy choices in life for losing weight.

Endomondo Sports Tracker:

fast weight lossEndomondo Sports Tracker is also compatible with Android and iOS devices as well. It is designed specifically for bikers, runners and all those who are interested in getting into shape by losing weight while following set workout routines. This app makes use of GPS to maintain perfect track of your routes while courting your daily jog. It records lap time, and run time to motivate you towards your goals. You can also connect to other fitness freaks in your group via this app and keep getting notified about their fitness achievements as well. By switching to paid version of this fast weight loss app, you can also share your fitness updates on social media sites.

My Fitness Pal:

It is rated high due to its perfect combination of weight loss app and full-fledged website. This app is capable enough to track your exercise routines, food intake and at the same time, pairs the details with some other fitness apps such as MapMyRun, Endomondo Sports Tracker, Strava, and FitBit. Users can also scan the barcodes of various products at supermarkets to check nutrition levels of an individual product. This app can help you stay tuned to your fitness goals while promoting fast weight loss.

My Net Dairy:

This free weight loss app can help you maintain perfect track of exercises, behavior changes, and diet routines as well. It is probably the most nutrition-focused app for fitness freaks and can help you look after your nutrition and caloric intake. The most amazing thing to know about this app is that it has a huge collection of more than 42000 food databases where you can search most nutrition-rich and healthy dishes for your fast weight loss routines.