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Should You Use Phentermine to Lose Weight?

Phentermine is a weight loss prescription drug that is supposed to work as an appetite suppressant. As compared to various other weight loss drugs, Phentermine is relatively more popular as it is significantly cheaper. You can get it at even lower price via Phentermine coupons. It is an FDA approved drug which works as a short-term treatment for obesity. There haven’t been any significant studies to confirm its long-term effectiveness as a weight loss drug.

How it Works

Phentermine alters the neurotransmitters in the brain. By doing that, the drug stimulates hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, regulating appetite, body temperature, sleep cycles, etc. The chemical found in Phentermine triggers the release of catecholamines. These include chemicals such as norepinephrine, adrenalin, and dopamine. These chemicals trigger a ‘fight or flight’ response in the body, hence blocking the hunger messages.

Is it Really Effective for Weight Loss?

The thing is, Phentermine is not some magical weight loss pill as some other similar drugs claim to be. It works for those individuals who are ready to carry out everyday workouts as well as follow a balanced diet. Using Phentermine for weight loss is a two-way process. Once you are willing to follow the system, then this drug will surely work for you otherwise you won’t get the expected result. Since it is proven to be effective, Phentermine is recommended to those patients who are suffering from obesity and other problems related to overweight.

Recommended Dosage

According to FDA recommendation, Phentermine should only be used for up to 12 weeks. It is also recommended that the drug intake is combined with proper diet, exercise, and other proven weight loss measures. Phentermine has been known to induce insomnia, so it is best taken before or after breakfast.

Safety Measures

Before you take Phentermine, it is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor or medical expert. The doctor can perform the necessary tests to determine whether Phentermine will be effective for you. You have to work closely with your doctor when taking the Phentermine weight loss drug so he can monitor the effects. You should keep in mind that Phentermine is meant for short-term use only, using it for long-term can be harmful to your health.

There are certain cases in which Phentermine intake is not recommended. For example, people with heart problems should stay away from it. Pregnant women should not go for it either and if they are already taking it, then they should consult their doctor to learn about the proper dosage, otherwise it could have negative effects on the newborn baby. Breast-feeding mothers should also stay away from Phentermine.

The Bottom Line

Phentermine is an effective weight loss drug; however, this is only true when it is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. The drug only cannot help you lose weight; you will need to combine it with healthy exercise routine and proper diet. So, it is recommended that you don’t rely solely on Phentermine to help you lose weight because doing so can lead to unexpected results.