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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss – Guarantee Your Weight Loss With This Change

What Are The New Behaviors For Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: It is well known how weight loss through hypnosis can be used to make lifestyle changes that will become habits. Putting these habits in effect will turn a fat man or woman into a fit man or woman. Now I received a bunch of questions about what are the habits that I work on. To help an overweight person create change and lose weight? And since there were so many questions about what these habits are. I decided to write a series of articles explaining the basic habit changes necessary. Or most desirable that will lead to the quickest change in your weight status.

What’s The Number 1 Habit Of A Healthy And Fit Person?

Eat Regularly- Especially Breakfast!

Probably heard that one before. You probably heard about eating breakfast and how it helps you function better in the morning. You probably heard them say that students who ate a good morning meal. Were more attentive in class and better learners. Well, take a moment to thank mom, for trying to set you straight. It seems to hold true that if you eat a “good” breakfast you will be healthier. More alert and function better during the day. And self hypnosis for weight loss can help you build the habit of a healthy breakfast quickly. Here’s some of the theory behind having a good breakfast. The word breakfast tells you that you are stopping your sleep time fasting.

That’s the fast you did all night while you were sleeping. It’s like a mini hibernation. While you were sleeping, your body was busy using all the fuel (food, nutrients, etc.) you consumed during the day to rebuild and resupply the parts of your body that were in need. Anything left over was either put into the trash system and shipped out of your body, or stored for some other time. The amount set aside for storage depends upon what your body figures will be available or unavailable in the near future. So your body has some kind of mechanism that monitors the availability of fuel and changes your storage needs based upon that information.

Where does that information come from? Your very own behavior. By not eating with regularity you’re signaling your body that it needs to hoard food. And if there is a food shortage, there is a real threat we could starve. That is how our bodies operate. Our bodies don’t really care much as to whether we can fit into that designer dress or suit we just bought and had custom fitted. Your body is more interested in whether you will be around tomorrow to procreate and keep the species going. That is the big picture.

Everything else (designer clothes, self-esteem, respect from others, etc.)is secondary. So what do you think happens if we starve ourselves to lose weight? Our bodies go into a food storage orgy. You start to get really stingy about using up our food stores. You hold onto and build up your fat reserves. That is one of the reasons why restrictive diets don’t work. So you must eat in order to lose weight. In fact you must make sure that you maintain at least a minimum amount of calories coming in everyday so that you don’t trigger that starvation-hoard program that’s built in for our survival.

Breakfast Is For Champions

Breakfast is literally breaking the fast that we just experienced all night long. We haven’t eaten now for the longest stretch of time during our 24 hour day. When we awaken in the morning the quickest way to let your survival monitor know that everything is OK, and we are not starving is to eat something. Start supplying food to your body as early as you can after you get up and your body’s metabolism will kick in and start burning up the fat resources it’s been hoarding as well as the new food you’re taking in. It returns your metabolism to it’s normal waking rate after it’s been slowed down for your sleep period. This will assure that you will be burning off the foods you take in as well as the old foods you stored as fat.

In Summary,

EAT BREAKFAST! DO NOT SKIP MEALS! You can get some help with this by using self hypnosis and visualization techniques to get you quickly into the habit of following these behaviors.

Now that you know the secret to jump starting your metabolism each day, my next article will show you how to get the most out of the physical act of eating. Knowing just this one simple, easy to follow and implement technique will help you to consistently drop pounds, and inches until you are down to your ideal weight.